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Bioblitz Challenge: Citizen Science Time!

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Bioblitz Challenge: Citizen Science Time!

Scientists use surveys to learn which plants and animals are in an ecosystem, sometimes referred too as measuring biodiversity. The more different types (or species) of animals and plants are found, the greater the biodiversity! This system is also a good way to monitor changes in what species are present.

This system can turn up lots of neat things, even invasive species! An invasive species is a type of animal or plant that has been introduced to an area by people and out-competes native species for food and habitat. 
Time for a biodiversity activity! You will need: identification books, 4 pieces of 1m long string, pencil and paper.

1. Randomly find the centre of your plot by throwing a hat nearby. Avoid sampling your lawn, there might be more biodiversity in a forested area.

2. Lay your string in the shape of a square (or use sticks to mark the outside).

3. Bioblitz! Record all the plants and animals you find in the plot. You can also record signs like tracks and scat.

4. When you find a mystery species, use an ID book or guide, take a photo or draw a picture it. Highlight which species are non-native and invasive!
Invasive Phragmites. Tough to make a plot here!

5. Share what you’ve found with [email protected] or upload photos to the website! If you find an invasive species, email Delaina or do some research to find the best control method.

BONUS: Make multiple plots and count how many species you find in each. 
Challenge your friends to make a Bioblitz too, who can find the most biodiversity?

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