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Pointe au Baril Islander Association

By: Hilde Clark

The Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association (PaBIA) was formed in 1908 when a group of cottagers on the Ojibway Island Hotel’s docks felt, with the growing concerns of cottagers, an association was needed to look after health, fire, boating safety, environment, water quality and the like. The cottagers came to Pointe au Baril, as they did up and down the Georgian Bay coastline, to ‘return’ to nature – to get away from the city pace. Today, we are the largest association in eastern Georgian Bay with over 700 households (about 1500 individuals) who feel an obligation to give back to this unique habitat so we can keep it pristine and safe – thus our support of GBBR.

Over the many years, PaBIA has continued to pursue those interests and concerns in the areas of Environment (Fish & Forestry and Wildlife, Water Quality, Water Levels, Marine Patrol as Crown Land monitors, programs such as the PaBIA Naturalist), as well as Member Safety, Member Activities, Government and Ratepayer Regulatory Affairs and Governance. The Communications and Marketing Team produces our annual Yearbook,, eNewsletters and eBlasts to keep our members informed.

Because of our strong mandate to protect and preserve our Georgian Bay natural region, we find GBBR a tremendous resource and go-to organization whenever we have concerns and/or for wish further education on any number of subjects! Together we are a team!

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We are a registered Canadian charity #87100 1335 RR0001