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Climate Resources

There are many different ways that each one of us can take action on climate change. Below you will find a collection of resources put together for further climate change knowledge and action. If you have other resources to share, please contact our Climate Change & Energy Specialist.

Families for Action: Resources for Home

Energy Efficiency

Becoming energy efficient is an effective way of reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. By improving your energy efficiency you’ll not only reduce the amount of energy you are using, but you’ll save money at the same time. Here are some resources to get you started.

Adapting to a Future Climate

Reducing your emissions is an important part of limiting your contributions to climate change. However, it’s not the only part. Climate change adaptation consists of reactive and anticipatory actions that are taken to deal with the occurring and predicted impacts of climate change. Below you will find resources that will help you and your home begin adapting to climate change.

Business Strategies

Businesses also have an important role to play in addressing climate change. Below you will find a list of resources to inform or guide your business on climate action.

First Nation & Municipal Tools

First Nations and Municipalities have an important role to play in climate action and can have a positive climate impact in their communities. In this list of resources you will find a mixture of tools, programs, and information for furthering local climate action.

Municipal Tools

Additional Resources and Further Learning

In this list of resources you will find a mixture of additional climate change tools, strategies, and educational materials. If you have suggestions for additional resources and learning tools, contact us!

Support Your Biosphere

With your support, we can expand our impact in the Georgian Bay region through conservation and education.

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