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Outer Islands Project

Taking Care of Georgian Bay & the Outer Islands

Donations are vital to increase management and stewardship activities through the Outer Islands Project.

All donations over $20.00 CAD are eligible for an official tax receipt. Thank you for donating and being part of our caring community!

The Outer Islands Project Fund provides funds to groups and individuals wishing to help reduce impacts and manage recreation sites on the islands of Eastern Georgian Bay. Any group can submit a request to Georgian Bay Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere outlining what they intend to do, provide a budget and timeline for their work and consideration for funding.

History: Since 1997, the “Outer Islands Project”, started by White Squall Paddling Centre, has been a community effort to mitigate recreation impacts by cleaning up campsites of garbage, dismantling fire pits, and installing outdoor toilets, lovingly known as Thunderboxes! The project also promotes a community-wide voluntary fire ban. While White Squall is still an active participant and leader for the project, they and the Biosphere encourage others to participate.

The annual costs for the scale of clean-up require significant fundraising and donations from partners to ensure the project can continue. As well, funds raised are available to individuals and groups wishing to help this effort. In June each year, the Franklin Challenge raises money for the Outer Islands Stewardship Fund through the Georgian Bay Biosphere and these proceeds support the Outer Island Project. We hope you can help us out!

Outer Islands Project: taking care of campsites

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With your support, we can expand our impact in the Georgian Bay region through conservation and education.

We are a registered Canadian charity #87100 1335 RR0001