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Parry Sound North Star

By: Jack Tynan
The Parry Sound North Star office has been a proud supporter of the GBBR since 2012. Our role as archivists and custodians of local history, combined with our news team’s mandate to record, assess and analyze the community we live in on behalf of its constituents, makes the health and success of our Georgian Bay area an intrinsic value within our organization.

GBBR’s mandate of supporting sustainable development and environmental awareness are values supported by the Parry Sound North Star team and recognized as key to our region. Our staff know we live in an amazing part of the world, and that it takes the efforts of organizations like GBBR to ensure this remains a great place to live and work, and to share the values of our region and our community with others.

We proudly document and share activities of the GBBR with Parry Sound North Star subscribers, with our Parry Sound Beacon Star readers across West Parry Sound, and with our Parry Sound Life magazine readers here, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Online, we share GBBR news and activities.

As a StarMetrolandMedia office, we routinely share the messages of our community with diverse audiences across the country. We count ourselves fortunate to include the GBBR in the list of local organizations we can support, and whose news and accomplishments we can share, along the way.

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