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Township of the Archipelago

By: Elke Dyck

The Township of The Archipelago was incorporated in 1980 as a result of a strong desire by property owners to preserve its recreational character and the natural surroundings for generations to come through careful management and planning. The Township has a permanent population of about 530 residents and seasonally the population climbs to 12,800.

The Township, located within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, consists of a substantial part of the famous Thirty Thousand Islands in Georgian Bay as well as four inland lakes, Blackstone, Crane, Healey and Kapikog.  It stretches from Twelve Mile Bay in the south to Parry Island and the South Channel, then north of Carling Township from the Twin Sisters to Charles Inlet and the Naiscoot River, a distance of about 100 kilometres from one end to the other.

Within the boundaries of the Township are the Massassauga Provincial Park and Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park. Much of the land area is undeveloped and a large part is Crown Land. The many islands, waterways, and natural harbours attract visitors and cottagers from around the world. 

The Township of The Archipelago is proud to be partnered with the GBBR since 2012. The goal of this partnership is to provide environmental information sharing and community programming to increase awareness and to address and respond to environmental issues and challenges. Programs such as water quality monitoring through the Lake Partner Program, Kids in the Biosphere and the Love Your Lake program that promotes shoreline stewardship are some of the ways we are working together to increase environmental literacy and awareness.

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